We are probably all guilty of wanting the summer sun-kissed, glow at some point in our lives. But the truth is tan skin is damaged skin! When you are exposed to the sun without protection, your skin begins over-producing melanin to protect your skin from UV damage. This increase in melanin is what causes dark spots, sunspots, and hyperpigmentation. But that’s not all! UV exposure breaks down the collagen in your skin, making your skin less firm and more wrinkled. No thank you!

Here are 10 tips to keep your skin healthy all summer long:

1. Hydrate your skin. Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizers or a mist. The sun and the heat can dry out your skin, so don’t skip your morning and evening moisturizer. For added moisture, try doubling up on a moisturizing sunscreen, like our UV Daily 30. And If you feel your skin needs a boost during the day from all the heat, use a hydrating mist to keep you cool and refreshed.

2. Drink LOTS of water. You may not realize how dehydrated you are from the summer heat, whether you are sweating or not. The more dehydrated your body is, the more dehydrated your skin. Remember what we put in our bodies affects our skin too!

3. Wipe off that sweat! Summer usually means more time enjoying outdoor activities. Especially in this Texas heat, you are bound to sweat! So, be sure to wipe the sweat off your face with acne-safe wipes, like our Alpine Zone Face Wipes or wash your face after sweating to prevent a breakout. To learn more about how sweat can trigger a breakout, pop on over to our blog on “What to do With All That Sweat.”

4.Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! Oh wait, did I mention sunscreen? Apply SPF every morning, and continue reapplying throughout the day, especially if you are going to be in the sun. We all know the damaging effects of UV rays on our skin cells, and how it causes premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots. Our UV Daily 30 sunscreen will not only protect your skin but keep you hydrated as well.

5. Don’t forget your smackers! Be sure to put SPF on your lips too.

6. Use an antioxidant serum in the morning. Vitamin C serums are great at protecting your skin against free radicals, ultimately safeguarding your skin from sun damage. Also worth mentioning, are the antioxidant properties in Vitamin C that help reduce sunspots, hydrates your skin, and reduces signs of aging. Try our Dual C+ to help protect, hydrate, and refresh your skin.

7. Use a tinted moisturizer or SPF. Instead of using the sun to create the sun-kissed look, use a tinted moisturizer or SPF to add color and even out your skin tone.

8. Exfoliate. I don’t mean with scrubs, I mean with exfoliating toners, serums, and peels that have glycolic or lactic acid. Using these active ingredients helps your skin cells turn over quicker, sloughing off dull, dead skin and replacing with new, refreshed skin. Our CytoClear+ is a gentle, exfoliating mandelic acid serum that is perfect for summer. Not only will exfoliating reduce breakouts, but your skin will be glowing!

9. Eat food high in vitamin C. Again, what we put in our bodies can boost our complexion. Similar to a vitamin C serum, eating foods that are high in vitamin C can brighten your skin and give you a refreshed natural glow. Some foods high in vitamin C are kale, broccoli, lemons, kiwi, strawberries, and oranges.

10. Wear a hat. Yes, SPF does help protect your skin from sun damage, but it doesn’t hurt to add another layer of protection with a hat.  

Let this summer be the summer you don’t forfeit your skin’s health! If you protect and take care of your skin now, you will thank yourself years from now!

Carly @ Austin Skin Plus