Many of our clients come through our doors wanting the natural look without loads of makeup. Most of us want smooth, even-toned, and glowing skin without having to cake on layers of makeup to hide all our blemishes. But how do we get the natural, Instagram ready face? 

First, having an effective, results-driven skincare routine will significantly fade acne scars, improve fine lines and wrinkles, reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation. To take it even one step further, we strongly advise having consistent skincare treatments such as peels and hydrafacials to shed dead skin, clean out your pores, and get that extra boost of active ingredients to your skin. 

Yes, your complexion will drastically improve with products and treatments, even to the point where you could pull off the true natural look and not wear any foundation or concealer. But to really get that glowing, radiant natural look, it takes a little bit of makeup. We aren’t talking about layers of makeup. We are just talking about a simple, minimal makeup routine to create a natural, even-toned, refreshed look. 

Here are our top seven tips for creating a natural look with minimal makeup: 

Tip #1: Use a lightweight, hydrating foundation.

A foundation that is moisturizing will give the glowing look, while also plumping your skin to reduce any wrinkles. Try our Carly Pilar Hi-Def Foundation that is free from any pore-clogging ingredients and is moisturizing. Also, a little goes a long way. Don’t over do it. Just put a pea size amount of foundation on the back of your hand, and dot your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Then, take a flat edge brush and blend the foundation covering your entire face, all the way to your hairline and below your chin and jawline. 

Tip #2:  Use a liquid concealer.

This adds hydration under your eyes where your skin is thinnest and probably has the most wrinkles. Our Carly Pilar Liquid Concealer will help plump the skin around your eyes, hiding any fine lines. Blend your concealer using a brush. This creates a smoother finish.

Tip #3: Wet a beauty blender (makeup sponge) for blending.

Hold the blender under the faucet squeezing 4 to 5 times to get water soaked into the sponge. Pat it on a towel to wipe up any dripping water. You want your blender damp, but not soaking wet. Then, dab the sponge all over your face and under your eyes to smooth out any brush lines. The damp beauty blender also adds hydration and a glow to your skin. It is important to note that a dry beauty blender will only soak in your makeup, not blend it. So, be sure to always wet your beauty blender before using.

Tip #4: Use a tinted moisturizer or SPF under your foundation to get added coverage.

Or on days you don’t feel like wearing foundation, a tinted moisturizer or SPF can help even out your skin tone. Our UV Silk 40 is a great tinted SPF that leaves a matte finish, and works great as a makeup primer. 

Tip #5: Don’t use pore-clogging makeup products.

Look at your foundation and concealer labels. Make sure they don’t have any of pore-clogging ingredients. Also, try to avoid powder, not only does it usually contain many pore clogging ingredients, but it will soak up any moisture on your skin, leaving you dry and flaky. With the right lightweight foundation, you won’t even need to bother with powder. 

Tip #6: Keep your skin hydrated with your skincare products.

Using an ultra-hydrating moisturizer, like our Nourish RX, will help plump any fine lines allowing your makeup to go on easier and leave you with a smooth finish.

Tip #7: Clean your makeup brushes weekly.

We strongly advise putting on your makeup with a brush and not your fingers. One, this will create a smoother finish, and two, you don’t want to be spreading any dirt, bacteria, or lotions from your fingers onto your face that will trigger a breakout. Regularly cleaning your brushes will keep your skin clean and clear. We use our ProB5 Wash to clean our brushes. 

**Bonus Tip: Instead of using blush for your cheeks, use a bronzer to create a natural glow. 

You can never go wrong with following the rule of less is more. Don’t over do it, and always err on the side of using less foundation and concealer than you think you need. Too much makeup will set into fine lines, a look we all try to avoid. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, and stick to your skincare routine!

Carly @ Austin Skin Plus