With school starting back up, it’s time to get back into a routine. This means busier schedules with after school activities like sports, band, and extracurriculars. It can be hard to fit in your skincare routine and regular treatments with your Skin Coach. After you worked ALL summer to get clear skin, the last thing you want to do is show up the first week of school with a breakout! 

7 Back-to-School tips on avoiding a breakout and keeping clear skin:

1. Add restorative products to your skincare routine.

Summertime is all about hanging out at the pool, spending time on the lake, going to the beach, and just being outside more, which means being in the sun. After spending all summer in the sun, it is important to rejuvenate any sun-damaged skin with products that have nourishing ingredients. Using toners and moisturizers that have Aloe Leaf Extract, like our Aloe H20 toner or Nourish RX moisturizer, Cucumber Extract, like our Bio C Mist toner, or Hyaluronic Acid, like our Hylavera gel moisturizer will help repair sun-damaged skin cells. 

2. Continue wearing sunscreen every day!

Even though you are not in the sun as much, and likely inside at school most of the day, it is still important to protect your skin from UV rays, so apply sunscreen every morning. 

healthy foods3. Stick to your dairy-free, low sodium diet recommended by your Skin Coach to avoid any food related breakouts.

Food is a BIG acne trigger, and with busier schedules it’s easy to just cruise through a fast food joint for a quick meal. For those quick meals, ask for no cheese, grilled chicken instead of fried chicken, or a salad instead of fries. 

4. Exfoliate your skin with a chemical or acid exfoliator.

After being outside more, the dirt, sweat, and pollution can build up in your pores, so it’s important to keep your pores clean and clear with an mandelic acid exfoliator, like our CytoClear+. Be sure to use an acid or chemical exfoliator, not a scrub exfoliator. To learn on more exfoliation, pop on over to our blog post: Why You Need to Use an Acid Exfoliator, NOT a Scrub. 

5. Stick to your skincare routine EVERY morning and night.

During the summer you probably had more time to do your morning and night time skincare routine, but during the school year, you’re rushing out the door in the morning trying not to be late for school, or staying up late studying and doing homework, and the last thing on your mind is to do your skincare routine. But to stay clean and clear, and to avoid a breakout, stay dedicated to your morning and nightly routine to help keep your acne away. 

6. Don’t skimp on your skin treatments with your Skin Coach.

Most teens will experience less breakouts in the summer, because they are less stressed from school, getting more sleep, and have more time to dedicate to their skincare routine and treatments. This leads teens to think they are in the clear, and don’t need to come as often for treatments or can skip a few days of their at-home product routine. But with school ramping back up, it is important to stick with your treatments to prevent your acne from flaring back up again. Busier schedules, especially with after school activities can make it hard to squeeze in your appointment, but it will be worth it to dedicate those 30 minutes every 2 weeks to keep clear!

7. Carry face wipes in your backpack.

With after school sports and activities starting back up, be sure to carry our Alpine Zone Face Wipes in your bag or backpack so you can wipe your face afterwards. And ALWAYS wash your face before you go to bed to avoid your salty sweat soaking into your pores causing a breakout. 

Hope everyone has a great first week of school, and reach out to your Skin Coach with any questions or concerns!

Carly @ Austin Skin Plus