Skin+ was born out of my own personal acne journey to find Drug Free treatments that cleared acne for the long term. My acne started around the fifth grade…I remember having such bad Bacne that I was too embarrassed to wear anything that showed my back, I wore a t-shirt over my swimsuits in the summer to hide my acne. After several visits to the dermatologist for creams and oral medications that did not work, I was then prescribed Accutane. I had all the physical side effects you hear about, extreme dryness, chapped lips, vision problems. On top of the unbearable dryness I also suffered from depression, at 13 years old I was already going through all the emotions from puberty, I did not need Accutane making it worse! I have some long-term side effects as well, I struggle with acid reflux and can get kidney stones very easily if I am not careful with hydration. As I got older and still struggled with acne, I went to school to get my Esthetics license so I could learn more about how to treat skin conditions. To my surprise much had not changed since I had taken Accutane 15 years ago. I wanted to know why I had acne and not others, it was clear to me that acne was not just a teenage disease. My friends growing up never had a pimple on their face, so why me, and why after taking the so-called miracle drug Accutane did I still get breakouts?

After I graduated I set out to create an integrative acne treatment that combines drug free products, supplements, lifestyle changes, acne education, and coaching. When I was creating the Skin+ Acne Academy, I was brought back to my dermatologist days when I was given a cream and told to come back in 2 months, no real direction on how to use it and told to go buy a wash and moisturizer at the drugstore. The Skin+ Method is an acne coaching program that includes all your products, at-home treatments, instructions, education, and lifestyle to help people maintain acne free skin for life. I am excited that my program has cleared some of the most severe acne. My first acne client had taken Accutane three times before coming to me, she is now able to maintain clear skin with the Skin+ products. It is my goal to give people the opportunity to live a life feeling confident and not having to worry about their skin.

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