If you have ever looked up what may be causing your acne breakouts, chances are good that you may have come across a face map before. Face mapping is a three thousand year old practice that stems from Chinese medicine ayurveda teachings that states that the face is a map connected to different organs in the body.  Face mapping states that your face is an expression of your health and takes a holistic approach to treating acne and other skin conditions by turning to the face to see what is going on inside of your body. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and unlike other organs- it’s visible. So, when something is happening, you see it. In face mapping, the answer to where your breakouts are coming from is broken down by sections of the face: Hairline and temples, T zone forehead, and chin. Acne throughout the cheeks, and acne throughout the jawline.


Acne On The Hairline and Temples:

According to face mapping, any breakouts that you are seeing between your temples and near your hairline is classified as forehead acne. Forehead acne can affect both females and males, and has even been referred to as ‘pomade acne’, this comes from products that are used in the hair that travel down the forehead and clog the pore. You can remedy this by assuring that all of your products are acne safe and free of any pore clogging ingredients.


Acne On The T Zone Forehead and Chin:

According to face mapping, acne that has formed throughout the forehead, T zone and chin is from an overproduction of sebum on the skin, and genetic acne. You can remedy acne through the T Zone area by making some lifestyle and skincare changes. Be sure to see an esthetician regularly and try to keep a low inflammatory diet. 


Acne Throughout The Cheeks:

Face mapping states that acne that occurs on your cheeks is a result of acne mechanica, which is from rubbing or friction that has occured on the skin. Acne mechanica can be a result of constantly touching the skin, or holding your phone to your face. You can remedy this by addressing the friction on your face and keeping your hands free of any pore clogging hand creams, and keeping your phone clean or holding it away from your face. 


Acne throughout the Jawline:

According to face mapping, acne that is coming in around the jawline or lower part of the face is due to hormonal fluctuations. Jawline acne is something that we see a lot in our clinic in our day to day, for jawline or hormonal acne a range of topical treatments can be used to target hormonal or genetic breakouts, as well as making some diet and lifestyle changes. We always recommend booking a consultation with a skin coach, or finding someone in your area who specializes in acne and see them regularly.