Old, young, fair skinned or darker complexions- acne doesn’t discriminate. If you know what it’s like to struggle day in and day out with acne breakouts, you know that everyone and their mother has a reason for why you’re breaking out. “Oh, you’ll grow out of it” or “Pull your hair out of your face!” are probably some of the most helpful tips you’ve ever received when dealing with your acne, right? Wrong- we’re here to share and debunk the five most common acne myths out there today.  

#1 – “I don’t have acne, I just get hormonal breakouts!”


Some people who are dealing with acne will swear up and down that they just have oily skin, hormonal breakouts, an occasional pimple here and there but don’t suffer with “acne acne”.  Being an esthetician that specializes in acne, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told someone what we do in our clinic and they reply “Well do you take people who just get a few pimples every month? Because, I don’t have acne!” I’m here to tell you that one or two pimples a month is acne. Acne is acne, no matter the frequency or severity of the case. Acknowledging your acne is the first step in getting your complexion clear! Trust us, it’s easier that way. 

#2 – “Acne only occurs in teens”

While acne can begin during the teenage years, it is not limited to those glory days. Acne can actually begin as early as birth, fade during childhood, and then make itself known moving into adolescence. In men, most acne flare ups will continue until ages twenty-three or twenty-four, sometimes even longer.  Many women who have acne often times don’t have serious flare ups until their twenties or thirties that can continue for a long period of time. Thinking that your acne will just “go away” in your twenties can be one of the hardest acne myths to move on from, because you’re not taking your acne seriously.

#3 – “Acne is caused by uncleanliness”

We’ve heard it a thousand times, “Wash your face or you’re going to get acne!”  Acne is a complicated disease with lots of contributing factors.  Acne is the result of an excess of dead skin cells, the skin’s own oil, and debris within the pore. Acne impactions develop deep below the surface of the skin, so simply washing your face won’t magically cure your acne. That doesn’t mean that you can abandon all face wash and just live on hope either, you do need a skincare routine when you’re suffering with acne, but that’s what we’re here for!

#4 – “My lifestyle has no affect on my acne”

As stated in #3, acne is a complicated disease with lots of contributing factors. There is evidence that consuming dairy, foods high in androgen and iodides can aggravate skin and caused inflamed acne. Additionally, lack of sleep and stress can aggravate acne. Stress activates our adrenal glands to produce extra hormones which will result in acne breakouts. So in other words, chill out. 

#5 – “Being in the sun will cure my acne!”

Listen now my friends, and listen closely. The sun is not your skin’s friend! Out of all of the external factors aggravating acne, the sun takes the cake. The sun’s rays are not magically “curing” your acne, they’re actually just making everything worse. Not only are the sun’s UV rays irritating your skin, they’re also causing premature aging. I promise, your acne is not going away from the sun, your skin is actually just getting darker, hiding your acne breakouts. Also – while we’re talking about this, there’s a common myth floating around that having oily skin will protect you from sun damage and wrinkles. I’m here to tell you the more oily the skin, the better penetration of those UV rays, putting you at a greater risk for not only skin cancer, but premature aging as well. Make sure you’re applying your daily SPF everyday, sunny or not!