Hello! My name is Hailey, I am 23, a type one diabetic, and a registered nurse! I have struggled with acne for honestly what feels like most of my life. I had been seeing a number of dermatologists from the time I was ten up until my early twenties. I had been on every topical prescription as well as oral antibiotics known to have some benefit in treating acne but nothing ever worked. I would see minimal improvement but along with that came increased sensitivity and redness. I was told Accutane would be a last resort because nothing else had worked. I wanted no part of any more toxic and temporary treatments. My journey with acne absolutely devastated my mental health. I remember not feeling comfortable enough to leave the house without a full face of makeup. My skin took a turn for the worse when I entered nursing school.

My acne was my biggest insecurity and the topic of many therapy sessions. When my skin took a turn for the worse, I was desperate to find somebody to treat my acne holistically and with kind and safe ingredients. After tons of research I found Carly and skin plus.

From the moment I met Carly and had my first appointment, I felt incredibly comfortable, validated, and heard. She provided me with so much education and confidence that skin plus was the right treatment from me, and it was. At the time I found skin plus, my face was inflamed, severely red, and almost entirely covered with large and painful pimples and cysts. Within a few short weeks I began to see such an incredible improvement in not only my skin but in my confidence and mental health. I was healing both physically and emotionally.

Carly matched my routine specific to my skin needs and has even customized a serum just for me! What I love most about Carly and skin plus is that I began to love myself throughout this whole journey, not just the possible destination of clear skin. I have been using skin plus products for about 5 months now and I could not be happier. I am so excited to share part of my journey with acne and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the whole skin plus team! If you are struggling similar to how I was, skin plus is most definitely the place for you!

Thank you!

Hailey Patereau



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