We ALWAYS get asked, “How are you able to clear acne in 3 to 4 months with a 98% SUCCESS RATE without any harsh chemicals or prescription medication?!” So, we thought we should tell you a bit about our Acne Boot Camp program to help you better understand the program and commitment it takes to get clear skin. 

Before the First Appointment

To get started, newbie clients either sign up online for a New Client Consultation or give us a call at the clinic to schedule the hour and a half consultation. Before we confirm an appointment with you, we always make sure you understand the commitment and dedication it takes to join our program. We inform new clients of the 3 to 4 month clearing process, and the requirement that you must purchase our Skin+ products, so that we can ensure we are successful at clearing your acne. Yes, there are great skincare products out on the market, but some either have pore clogging ingredients, they might not be right for your skin type, or be effective and powerful at clearing your acne like our specially formulated Skin+ product line. And one final step before the first consultation is that you must fill out a consent and health history form, so our Skin Coaches can review and prepare for your consultation.

First Appointment

After everything is squared away and expectations are set, we are a go for the first appointment. During this first appointment, the Skin Coach will dig deeper into your health history, eating habits, and lifestyle to understand what could be triggering your acne. For example, you may have genetic acne if your parents also suffered from acne, or it could be your diet, such as eating a high dairy, sugar and salt diet. There are different triggers for acne, so getting to the root cause of your acne will help the Skin Coach design the best clearing plan for you. Also, during the first consultation, the Skin Coach will educate and explain to you scientifically what is happening in a pore with clear skin versus acneic skin, as well as all acne triggers. Pop on over to our blog to learn more about Acne Triggers! Then, to wrap up the consultation, the Skin Coach will assess your skin, perform a skin treatment, extractions, and then create an at-home skincare routine for morning and night with our Skin+ products. Now that the first consultation is under your belt, there is restored hope that you will have clear skin soon! If you have genetic acne it can take a little longer to clear so the expectation is about 4 months, but if you have acne from hormonal imbalance, digestion issues, lifestyle, or stress, you will probably clear faster and can expect to be clear in 3 months. 

The Clearing Process

Before you leave your first consultation, your Skin Coach will get you on the books for your next acne treatment appointment in 2 weeks. Moving forward, you will have an acne treatment every 2 weeks until you’re clear and then your Skin Coach will move you into the Maintenance Program. At every 2 week appointment you will receive your acne treatment and extractions. Also, during each appointment, you Skin Coach will assess if there are any changes in your life, diet, or medications you are taking, update your skincare routine if needed, and introduce any new products to accelerate the clearing process. For the first 4-6 weeks, you should expect your acne to get worse before it gets better. We call this period “purging,” because during this time we are bringing everything deep inside your pores to the surface, clearing them out. It can be discouraging and frustrating during the purging period, but remember your Skin Coach is there to answer any questions or concerns, and to help support you during this time. But, after week 6 you should see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Moving into the Maintenance Program

A common misconception when clients are clear after 3 or 4 months is to stop coming in for treatments and to stop using the products, because they believe they are cured from acne. First, remember it takes 3 months for acne to come to the surface, so once you are clear if you stop using your products, you may stay clear for a couple months and think you are all set, but your acne just hasn’t had enough time to come to the surface. Second, the truth is if you suffer from acne you will always need to be in a maintenance program. You hear stories of people being on Accutane 3 or 4 times, it’s because there is no cure for acne at this time, there are only solutions that keep it at bay. So, it is VERY important to stick the maintenance program. This means coming in for treatments every 4 to 6 weeks, staying on the Skin+ products, and sticking with the diet your Skin Coach adamantly suggests. The good news is your product routine will likely be shorter, so you will not need as many products and appointments to keep clear, and even some mild cases of acne can maintain with just products. Let’s be honest, after you went through the intense Acne Boot Camp program and spent all that time, it is imperative to KEEP clear. 

Getting Started

If you are unsure about wanting to dive into the Acne Boot Camp program, we have our Acne Starter Kit that comes with detailed instructions to get you started in the clearing process, and see if Skin+ is a good fit for you. Many of our clients begin with the Acne Starter Kit, start to see results, and then come in for the entire boot camp program. To REALLY clear acne it takes dedication in showing up for all of your appointments every two weeks and regularly using your morning and nighttime skincare regimen. This dual approach of both in-clinic treatments and at-home product routines is how we have a 98% success rate at clearing acne. And remember your Skin Coach will always be supporting and encouraging you to Keep Clear and Carry On!

Carly @ Austin Skin Plus