When trying to clear up your acne, it can seem like everybody under the sun has some sort of “quick fix” on how to get rid of your breakouts. While there is no quick, or magical cure for acne there are some lifestyle choices you can make that will help the clearing process.

Let’s Get Ready To Tumble

Did you know that your fabric softeners and scented detergents are making your acne worse? It’s true – your dryer sheets are leaving a waxy residue on your sheets and pillowcases and that residue will clog your pores, adding to your acne. Detergents with fragrances and dyes can also cause skin rashes and irritation. It is best to make the switch to fragrance free detergent if you suffer from acne. If you are trying to avoid static cling, you can switch to dryer balls. It is also important to remember that your pillowcase is home to a lot of buildup from oil and sweat from daily use. So changing your pillowcase out once a week is a must and will help with acne breakouts.



Girl, Wash Your Face (Makeup Brushes)

If you are applying makeup, making sure that you clean your makeup brushes is just as important as making sure you keep your pillow cases clean. Similar to how pillowcases acquire build up from daily use, so do makeup brushes! Not only do they sit in makeup bags, or out on the counter – it actually makes direct contact to the skin every day. An added bonus of our Pro B5 Wash is that you can use it to clean your makeup brushes with peace of mind knowing that it won’t leave a waxy residue on the brush. 





Go Hard (With Your Water)

Even though you may have been told that having a water softener will be beneficial to the skin, there is evidence that shows that having a water softener will aggravate your acne. Water softeners that contain high amounts of potassium chloride are known to irritate the skin. Removing water softeners from your day to day life can mean clearer skin days ahead!





Ice, Ice Baby!

When you have a pimple or pustule, step away from the mirror and ice it! If you pick or squeeze on your skin, you can cause a scab or scar that will stick around longer AND look way worse than your pimple. Put some ice in a bag, and rub it on your pimple for a couple minutes a day, this will reduce the inflammation and help with any redness surrounding your breakouts. 





Iodides? Iodonts!

When trying to clear your skin, foods high in iodides can be your worst enemy. When excess amounts of iodides are ingested, it is excreted through the oil glands causing acne inflammation. As it is excreted, it irritates the pores and causes acne flare ups. Iodides are hidden in a lot of our day to day foods, such as but not limited to – table salt, saltwater fish, kelp, some supplements and bottled water, and even certain vegetables.