Makeout Breakouts: Can Kissing Cause Acne?

 Ahhhh…Just in time for Valentine’s day!

Making out is such a fun way to get closer to your partner, all couples need a good make-out session. But could it be causing unwanted acne breakouts? Let’s make one thing clear, you cannot get acne from someone who has it. However, If you are acne prone and you are noticing pimples after your make-out sessions, read on to see what could be going on. 


Is Acne Contagious?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions on the planet affecting over 85% of people between the ages of 12 to 34 years old. The good news is that acne itself is not contagious, you cannot give someone acne or get it from skin-to-skin contact. So french kiss away my love birds! If you are noticing breakouts after kissing someone, it is most likely what we acne experts call an acne imposter. It is easier to catch other conditions like a viral infection, oral herpes, and other various diseases from kissing than acne. These infections are contagious through kissing, check with your healthcare provider if you suspect you may have contracted something like that.

What Is Acne?

Let’s real quick chat about what acne is first.  Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder of the pores. The pores are made up of sebaceous glands that connect to the hair follicles, which have tiny fine hair, and Keratinocytes, a type of skin cell. The skin cells line the follicle wall, they shed inside the pore and rise to the surface of the skin and just slough off. For those who have acne, the dead skin cells hyper-shed, and the oil glands produce excess oil causing the dead skin cells to get stuck in the pore resulting in a sticky plug. This combination of oil and dead skin cells stuck together allows bacteria that normally live on the skin to feed and grow on the plug of oil and dead skin cells, this can cause inflammation- swelling, and redness. Aka Pimples.

Okay enough of that science stuff, let’s get back to smooching!

You should only worry about your excitement and enjoyment during a make-out session – not whether or not your skin will erupt into a breakout. My clients who I have cleared break out again when they start dating, usually around their chins and cheeks. Let’s keep your skin clear. You worked hard for it, so let’s keep it that way. If you are dating a new partner, here are some things to watch out for. If you have worked with me to clear your acne, you know how important it is to avoid pore-clogging ingredients in skin, body, and hair products. If you are getting in close contact with someone who may be using products with pore-cloggers, that could wreak havoc on your skin. 

The Beard Burn 

It occurs when your partner’s facial hair stubble rubs against your skin, causing raw, tender skin and acne post-makeout. This is called Acne Mechanica, acne from skin friction. Be honest with your guy and ask him to shave right before you make out so you have smooth skin for your makeout session. If he is doing this and you are still breaking out, look into the shaving gel and aftershave he is using, it may have pore-clogging ingredients and an irritating fragrance. Even though you may think that asking a guy you just started dating about his facial hygiene is a big step, we all know if you break out you will cancel your dates. Just tell him hey bro, I like you and want to continue sticking my young down your throat, but I think your face is making me break out. To soothe irritation, wash with a gentle wash like our Pro B5 Wash, and use an aloe vera-based gel like our HylaVera.

Lip Balm

Have you added in a new lip product or does your partner use a lip product? You might be thinking it’s just lip-on-lip kissing what’s the big deal if I use lip balm? Girl, you know that stuff gets all over your face when you are making out. The main ingredient in lip products usually is coconut oil or other natural oils which are highly pore-clogging and should always be avoided if you are acne prone. Always make sure you check our pore-clogging ingredient list before you purchase a lip product.

Hair Products

Not only do we need to make sure our partner’s skin-care products are acne-safe but also their hair products. Especially if they use a pomade, gel, and waxes, those tend to be the worst for pore-clogging ingredients. You can even get acne from sleeping on your partner’s pillow that has hair products that have rubbed off.

Skincare Products

After everything I have listed so far, it’s not a surprise I am going to say skin products. You take the best care of your skin and use your at-home acne treatment to ensure you stay clear. Having direct contact with someone who is using pore-clogging products is a great way for acne to form on the surface of your skin. Acne is such a common skin condition we should not be ashamed of having a conversation about a proper skincare routine, especially with someone we have feelings of affection for.

The best way to clear acne from kissing

First, don’t freak out, remember acne is an incredibly common skin problem that can be solved. You want to make sure you are using an Alpha-hydroxy acid like our CytoClear serum, this serum will help the oil production and flush out the plugged dead skin cells. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best things you can have on hand, it will kill the acne-causing bacteria in the pore, and take down redness and irritation.


Kissing Breakout Clearing Method

  1. Wash with Pro B5 Wash
  2. Ice Pimples for 2min on 2min off 3 rounds
  3. Treat Skin with our at-home AHA Peel Pad
  4. Swipe one pad all over the skin, and let sit for 30-60 seconds
  5. Swipe again with the same pad
  6. Leave the solution on overnight


Routine to follow (MORNING)

  1. Wash with Pro B5 Wash (hydrating gel wash)
  2. Apply 2 pumps of CytoClear Serum (eats up dead skin cells and fights bacteria)
  3. Apply 1 Pump of Renew 99 (calms redness and lessen scaring)
  4. Apply 2-3 Pumps of UV Daily30 (always use SPF, especially when using acne products)


Routine to follow (EVENING)

  1. Wash with Pro B5 Wash
  2. Apply ½ Dropper of Daily A (retinol for clearing out pores, and repairing skin)
  3. Apply 1 pump of Renew 99
  4. Apply 2 pumps of Acne Gel (Benzoyl Peroxide for killing acne bacteria)


Note: All products are to be applied all over, with no spot treatment. 

Well there you have it, if you are prone to breakouts make sure your partner is not using something that could cause you a breakout. 

See you in your inbox next week! I will be talking about supplements and acne, do they actually work?


To popping pimples and clear skin!

Carly Pilar