With Halloween on Thursday and the holidays knocking on our door, it gets harder and harder to stay on our acne safe diet and skincare regimen. If you have visited our clinic or read our blog post about why dairy is bad for acne– you know that it can be a big factor holding you back from clear skin. I mean, not to sound preachy but dairy is not good for your acne. Anyway, let’s talk about what you can eat because that’s why you’re here! 

We know the dairy-free market is growing like crazy right now so narrowing down what is delicious vs what is just edible can be challenging! Some of our favorite alternatives for when baking our own treats is to substitute any milk in your recipes with oat milk or almond milk. You can also swap for vegan butter as well but when it comes to ready to go off the shelf, here are our favorites! 

Carly’s Favorite- Recently for a treat i’ve been more into the savory than the sweet! I have been loving Mod Pizza’s Dairy free cheese for their pizza’s! My go to toppings are peppers, mushrooms, onion and pepperoni or even spicy sausage.” 

Lauren’s Favorite For a treat I really love Nada Moo’s cookie dough fudge ice cream!” 

Gabby’s Favorite  “My favorite dairy free treat is Unreal’s dark chocolate almond butter cups! They’re scary addicting though… perfect for halloween”

Lea’s Favorite- “ I really like the Hu Chocolate bars! there’s lots of different flavors too! “ 

Other Options: