If you have been to an esthetician in your lifetime, chances are they have told you not to pick at your skin or breakouts if you have them. Now, if you haven’t been told this… well, welcome to my Ted Talk. Did you know that skin picking is actually a very common skin disorder that a lot of people have? Those who have Skin Picking Disorder (SPD) are unable to stop picking their skin and are at times not even aware that they are picking. Skin Picking Disorder can be as extreme as using tweezers or scissors to pick at your skin. Now, just because you may not have SPD doesn’t mean you are exempt from the no-picking rule. We know that picking at the skin can be tempting, but doing so can push bacteria back into the skin, causing more redness or swelling. Additionally, picking can leave you with discoloration that stays with you way longer than any pimple or worse, even scar. 

We hear it constantly from our clients when they pop their pimples between visits “well, I can’t walk around with whiteheads on my face!” so we decided to add a special treatment to our line up just for our bootcamp clients. You can now book an SOS (Save Our Skin) treatment. Our SOS treatment is a thirty minute treatment where we will provide fifteen minutes of extractions, and then fifteen minutes of LED light therapy. This service is designed for our clients who may be feeling the urge to pick, or who may be purging from their last peel.

Here are some more helpful tips to stop picking at your skin – 


  • Keep your hands busy – Squeeze a stress ball, paint your nails. 
  • Ice those bad boys! – If you’re inflamed, put some ice in a baggie and ice your pimples for 2 minutes on and off.
  • Tell your friend or partner – Ask a friend to keep you accountable and let you know when you’re picking.
  • Set alarm reminders on your phone.