One of our biggest acne tips that we are constantly sharing on our blog and with our clients is to not pick at your skin or pop your pimples. We get it, it’s not easy to walk around with a whitehead on your skin. Best practice for pimple popping is to see an esthetician, it’s a sanitary environment and they have the tools to extract your pimple safely, and in a clean manner, but we understand that it’s not always possible in cases of travel and busy lifestyle. If you are in a do-it-yourself mood, today we are going to teach you how and when to properly extract a pimple at home. 

For starters, we are going to talk about what is poppable when it comes to a pimple. Let’s be abundantly clear when we chat about this, if you do not see a connection on the skin or a whitehead, it is not able to be popped. Step away from the mirror, put down the cotton swabs, and whip out some ice! Put the ice in a bag and ice your inflamed breakouts for about two minutes on, two minutes off for no more than ten minutes. Now, if your pimple does have a whitehead let’s chat about your next step.

First things first, make sure where you decide to pop your pimple is clean. Wipe up your hair and toothpaste out of the sink and start fresh, this is important for keeping your skin free of harmful bacteria that may be lingering around in your bathroom. Once you’ve cleaned up, be sure to wash your hands and then you face. With clean hands, use a light touch with a thinly tipped lancet to poke the whitehead. Once you have poked your white head, wrap your fingers in tissue, or an esthetic wipe and gently apply pressure downward on the skin around the pimple. Do not use your finger nails, or squeeze too hard. Once you remove all of the fluid from your blemish, you can clean your skin up by wiping it with a toner, and then applying a sulfur based spot treatment to it. It is important to note that we recommend only using a sulfur based spot treatment to a pimple once you remove all of the fluid, otherwise you will dry the top layer of your skin out and trap your pimple.

During the healing process, you want to treat your pimple like a wound. Essentially, that’s what we’re dealing with here. Making sure to keep the skin balanced, and properly hydrated after popping a pimple is important  because skin that is well balanced and hydrated will heal much quicker than skin that’s barrier is compromised and dry. Using an SPF is always important, but during the healing process it is arguably one of the most crucial steps in your skincare routine. The reason why this is, is because broken skin and scar tissue are easily pigmented by the sun so you run the risk of scarring, or hyperpigmentation. Be sure to always wear your SPF, and reapply!

Again, we always encourage our clients to stop in for a quick SOS treatment if they have a pimple ready to be popped but we understand it may not always be possible. If you have any questions about how to properly extract your pimples, or what skincare you need in order to tackle your breakouts, book your consultation today!

Very Best,

Your Skin Coach.