If you’ve been shopping at any cosmetic store online or in store sometime in the past five to ten years, you may have noticed some big changes in the beauty aisle. ‘Natural’, ‘Clean’ or ‘Safe’ beauty products have made their way out of your traditional health stores, and become increasingly popular on shelves in most big box retailers, and even more so in luxury shops.

 It has been said that 90% of consumers today believe that natural or naturally derived beauty ingredients were better for them. In fact, the “organic” beauty market is expected to be making about 22 billion dollars by 2024.  So what is a ‘Green Beauty’ product? and why is everybody after it? ‘Green Beauty’ is advertised as a no-chemical product that is usually marketed as something that is better or safer for cosmetic use.

Green beauty products will usually have the words, ‘natural’, ‘safe’, ‘non-toxic’, ‘clean’ and sometimes even ‘organic’ printed on them, but what does it all mean? In short- seriously, nothing. The terminology that is printed on our skin care products is not regulated by the FDA or the Federal Trade Commision what-so-ever so big beauty brands are able to put whatever they want on the bottle. So, while terms like ‘Safe’ and ‘Non-toxic’ mean a lot when you’re looking for different snacks, it doesn’t really ring true when shopping for beauty products – they’re all just marketing tactics.

What, you mean these big brands are lying to me to get me to buy their products? Sorry my friend, but that’s pretty much it! I know what you’re thinking ‘But Gwenyth Paltrow said if you can’t read the ingredient, you shouldn’t be putting in on your body!!’ and I get that, but let’s do a little brain work here- you know the chemical dihydrogen monoxide, right? Sounds a little sketchy- maybe you don’t want to put that on your body, right? Wrong- that’s just water! Water itself is a chemical, and so are many other things that are in our skincare products that are not harmful at all! To add to that, there are plenty of organic things in nature that are not good for us, like poison ivy, cyanide in apple seeds, and even some essential oils. So just because it’s organic, or natural- doesn’t mean it’s what is best for you. It is important to remember that at the end of the day, these beauty brands are still trying to sell you something. A better approach when shopping for skincare and beauty products would be to not ask yourself ‘Are there any chemicals in these products?’ but ‘Are the chemicals in these products safe and effective for my skin?’