If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen the common lifestyle blogger wearing something that resembles a welding mask with lights around it, à la barbie meets tron. You’ve probably been both intrigued, and confused by this beauty trend, are we going to space? Are we clearing our skin? What is going on here? To answer all your burning questions, what is being used in these photos is LED light therapy. 

LED light therapy, or light emitting diode therapy is a light, applied to the face that uses various wavelengths and frequencies that is used modernly to target common skincare concerns. Originally developed by NASA for plant growth on shuttle missions, then later used in the 90’s by the Navy Seals to heal wounds – LED Light Therapy has a proven track record of healing the skin, and increasing collagen and tissue growth. LED Light Therapy will help to treat acne, reduce inflammation, and promote anti aging properties in the skin. LED light therapy does not contain any UV rays, and is safe for regular use, it can not cause burns compared to other anti aging treatments such as dermabrasion or laser and is safe for all complexions. The two most popular forms of LED light therapy is red light therapy, and blue light therapy, and in some cases even combined.

Red light therapy, treats the epidermis (the outermost layer of your skin), when applied to the skin, the epidermis absorbs the light, and it begins to stimulate collagen, resulting in a smoother, fuller appearance in the skin. It also reduces inflammation and provides the skin with a healthy glow. Red light LED Therapy also stimulates the fibroblast cells and cellular energy, increases lymphatic flow, and increases cell rejuvenation. Uh, hello- what more do you want? Blue Light therapy targets the sebaceous glands (your oil glands) making them less active, which means less breakouts for those who are acne prone. It also kills p.acnes bacteria, vastly reducing breakouts. For those who suffer with acne from mild to severe, blue light therapy can be a major game changer due to its ability to kill acne causing bacteria, and reduce oil production. It also can be beneficial for those who are unable to use anti inflammatory products such as benzoyl peroxide. Used together, Red and Blue LED Light Therapy will help to treat acne, decrease scarring, and promote an anti inflammatory response. 

When used properly you can improve skin texture over time, however treatments need to stay consistent, and you will need to keep up a maintenance program. Home devices are available for purchase and are great for maintenance, but are not as effective as a professional LED therapy light panel, such as The Celluma Just like your skincare routine and monthly facials, LED light therapy will only work as much as you do, remember to remain consistent.

Like always, if you ever have any questions concerning your skin or how to book a Celluma LED treatment, or get product help – you can reach out to us via email at info@austinskinplus.com or in the provided links.

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