We know that you’ve seen the acne treatment that sweeped everyone’s bathroom shelf in the past decade, the little pink bottle of ointment that reads ‘Drying Lotion’. Along with this bottle of treatment, came the craze of just needing to ‘dry out’ your pimples, and ‘attack’ your skin. Today, we’re going to be discussing why the way that most acne lines and treatment courses are missing the mark on actually healing and clearing your skin, while also maintaining happy, healthy skin.

At Skin Plus, we see it time after time, clients will come in after using acne products and lines that are targeted to treat acne that contain active ingredients that when all used at once with no direction can do more harm than good, drying out the skin and disrupting the skin’s barrier. Research has shown that when we have a disrupted skin barrier, it can contribute to acne. Harsh acne treatments and prescription products can be too drying on the skin, disrupting our skin’s acid mantle, causing our skin to become comprimised. We know that when you’re searching for an acne treatment, it may seem like drying out the skin seems like the best option, this usually comes from the idea that in order to help oily skin, you must dry it out- but it is important to remember that skin that is healthy and hydrated is skin that will repair quicker than skin that is overly dry from over exfoliation or harsh and drying products.

To briefly touch on how acne is created, one huge contributing factor is a reduced cell turnover rate. With a reduced cell turn over rate, dead skin cells begin to build up in the pore and result in acne lesions. In order for the skin cells to shed, enzymes are needed to break down the link between the cells.Acne prone skin produces too much oil, and not enough water and without the proper water content in the skin, these enzymes can’t work effectively which in turn causes cell turnover to slow down. Knowing that, you now should be able to connect the dots that keeping your skin hydrated will help to increase cell turnover. Keeping your skin hydrated will also help to reduce inflammation and oil production in the skin as well. With all of this, keep in mind that when you’re seeking acne treatment it is important to book with someone who has a lot of knowledge with acne, and can help to keep your skin balanced while also using the proper products to help clear your acne.

For all of our clients, we always recommend using a nourishing moisturizer to help keep skin balanced while receiving acne treatments. When using our Cytoclear serum to treat acne and exfoliate, we recommend using our Nourish RX moisturizer and when using our Cell Perfector Serum at night we only recommend the use of our Hylavera moisturizer, applied before the serum.

As always, if you have any questions about how to make sure you’re maintaining the proper balance for your skin, or if you’re interested in beginning to use our products but don’t know where to start, we do offer online consultations– where you are able to sit down with one of our coaches and have a face-to-face call via Skype or Facetime on what skin products are right for you, or book an in person consultation.

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