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Our founder, Carly Pilar, is a certified Esthetician that has studied cosmetic chemistry.  In 2013 Carly Pilar opened her acne practice in Austin, TX. with a focus on treating acne from both the inside and out without the use of harsh prescription products. 

Carly’s practice has been on a waitlist for more than 3 years. Now with The Acne Academy, you get access to one of the most in-demand acne experts in the country, from your home. 





From Our Founder – Carly Pilar Sanchez

My own personal acne journey is what led me to search for long-lasting, drug-free treatments for acne that works. If you’re reading this, I’ll bet you my story is probably pretty similar to yours… 

When I was in the fifth grade, I had such bad Backne (aka back acne) that I was too embarrassed to wear anything that exposed my back. During summer, I would wear a t-shirt over my swimsuit so no one could see the acne that dotted my entire back and shoulders. After several visits to the dermatologist and trying various prescription creams and oral medications, all of which did not work, I was prescribed Accutane. While on Accutane, I experienced all the physical side effects you hear about. Extreme dryness, chapped and bleeding lips, even vision problems and depression.  Like most 13-year-olds, I was already dealing with all the emotions that came with puberty, and I definitely didn’t need Accutane to make it worse! But it did. 

The drug left me with some long-term side effects as well. I suffer from acid reflux and I can develop kidney stones very readily if I do not hydrate properly.

I wish I could say I outgrew my acne after adolescence but that would have been too easy…

In my 20s, I was still dealing with acne. And I’m not talking about a zit here or there,  my breakouts were all over but focused on my cheeks and jawline. I desperately wanted to understand why I had acne and others didn’t. My friends growing up never had a pimple on their face, so why me, and why after taking the so-called miracle drug Accutane, did I still get breakouts?

In my search for answers, I decided to go to school to become an esthetician and learn more about treating skin conditions. To my surprise, not much had changed since I took Accutane 15 years ago. So once I graduated, I made it my mission to create a drug-free acne treatment that uses a holistic approach: combining skin products, supplements, lifestyle changes, acne education, and coaching. 

In creating my own skincare line, I was taken back to teenage memories of dermatologist visits. They would give me a harsh prescription cream with no direction on how to use it, vague recommendations to go to the drugstore to buy a face wash and moisturizer, and a “see you back here in 2 months.” I am a firm believer that without education of why you have acne, you are missing an important part of your treatment. 

I created the SkinPlus Acne Academy specifically with education in mind – to help set you up for acne-free skin for LIFE! I have helped hundreds of individuals struggling with moderate to severe acne achieve and maintain clear skin. Many (if not the majority) of my clients have taken Accutane at some point with no success prior to finding me, and I feel so lucky to be able to provide them with the guidance and high quality products they need to clear their skin.     

It is my goal to give people the opportunity to live life feeling confident and not having to worry about their skin.

Carly Pilar